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Massage in a Covid World

While many of us are getting very tired of hearing about Covid-19, face masks and hand washing, there are still individuals who ask us what we are doing in response to the Corona Virus. Please know we take this pandemic and the safety of our clients very seriously. But here’s a short response to Covid-19 concerns.

  • At the start of our day, we do a self check to be sure we are free of symptoms such as fever, chills, body aches, sore throat and cough. Whether with clients or out in public, we use facemarks. We use hand sanitizer when hand washing may not be an option.
  • We request that each client evaluate their health and review any possible exposure concerns with us before coming in. All clients must wear a face mask when they come in and during session.
  • We change into fresh clean scrub bottoms & t-shirts and use a clean, unused face mask and lotion bottle holster for each session.
  • After each session, our treatment room and waiting room is cleaned with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (for surfaces that are touched) and Lysol (for our floors). All linens involved with a session (blankets, towels, rugs, and sheets) are laundered in the hottest water with the detergent recommended for their fabric type. All linens are folded in our treatment room and put away in a clean cabinet.
  • Vaccines - as of March 17, 2021, we do not require a client to have the Covid-19 vaccine in order to book a session. That is an unrealistic expectation since not everyone is eligible for it yet. We want to make sure we do not interfere with the vaccine or make a client feel worse so we may ask if you have received the vaccine.

St. Patrick’s Day 2021 marked the 1 year anniversary that our world changed. While shopping at Costco I saw people go crazy for toilet paper, water, hand sanitizer and cleaners. A few days later, the State of Indiana mandated a shutdown of all non-essential businesses and children were told to e-learn from home. I learned a lot from this, as did much of the nation.

I can only hope for better days to come but for now we will remain masked, clean diligently and keep the health and safety of our clients as our #1 priority.

Until we see you on our massage table, namaste.

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